“Once upon a time there was a boat traveling on the blue waters of a Magical Sea that some people called the “Middle Earth Sea.” This boat was my boat, and that Sea was, and still is, my Sea, as well as yours to share, explore and enjoy!

Our lives unfold between the Reality and the Dream; a Dream that never ends; a Life that does not end.

The route on which our souls travel is a journey into immortality. A journey to eternity is our human substance traveling in time; it consists of an infinite variety of figures which alternate in time.

Around the circle of life our souls dance in endless Infinity; in infinite Time. Rebirth, Mutation and Differentiation create a wonderful blend of colors which can only be connected by the thread of Love.

My journey into the Dream sails between ancient lands that have been enriched by countless civilizations. Their music travels by the wind of the Ocean; they meet, get united and coexist inside the boat of my Dream.

The Middle Earth Sea is an enormous blue prism which fills you up with light, mesmerizes you and magnetizes you. it opens the door of your soul with a clear message: “The message of Love.”

My Dream never ends. Like Life itself! Like the Dance of Souls. Like my trip to the Middle Earth Sea, my own Discovery is about to start!


Latest News

Hydra Performance

On June 13, 2015, Angeliki will perform on the island of Hydra off the peninsula South of Athens in honor of Leonard Cohen, who is a musician himself and dear friend of Judy Collins. They will be honoring him with a special presentation and boulevard naming culminating in a concert that Angeliki will be showcasing.

Music Videos!

Angeliki will be releasing videos in the near future! Check back here for the latest updates!

Music on iTunes and Worldwide!

After months of post-production effort, Angeliki has made her album available to the public in both digital and physical media. In the process she also released five additional tracks in Greek that are based on the English versions of the Middle Earth Sea album.





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